Who we are

We are a group of people who love to host and attend events of all types here in Colombia. We founded biciq on the belief that this process could be improved drastically with technology.

We believe that putting on a successful event doesn’t need to be a painful process. We think the focus shouldn’t be on logistics, but rather on making the event as fun, entertaining, educational and successful as possible, by any definition.

As event attendees ourselves, we also wanted a service that would work for us – a service that would help us enjoy the events we attend by making the process easy and painless, not simply another service focused on charging as many fees as possible.

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Biciq, una plataforma que:

Efficient and easy to use

For event organizers that want a fast and painless way to host events and for attendees that want to be able to find events and purchase tickets quickly and easily, without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

Fair and inexpensive

We’ve all paid way too much in our lifetimes in the form of service fees, delivery fees and other fees we don’t even understand without ever really seeing tangible benefits in our experiences. At biciq we try to charge as little as possible to help the end user – we never charge event organizers, we never charge for free events, and for paid events, we only charge attendees what is necessary to cover our costs, mostly associated with transaction processing.

Completely secure

We at biciq understand how hard we all work and that the last thing we want to do when hosting or attending an event is worry about logistics and security. By allowing organizers to always have visibility and control over attendees and sales, by using PayU as our secure payment gateway, or by guaranteeing that each ticket has a unique QR code, we strive to make security a priority in all aspects of the process, providing our users peace of mind. We spend a ton of time focused on security, but have found that the best part of all our efforts in this area is that as a user of biciq you can focus on the important things – putting on the best event possible or fully enjoying the events you attend without ever having to worry about it.

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