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Adios a las consignaciones, filas lentas y bases de datos a mano. te permite generar pagos en línea, crear un formulario acorde a tus necesidades, descargar tu propia base de datos y verificar tus pagos en tiempo real con tu smartphone.

Sell tickets for your event online

Use our tools to help you organize and host a successful event, market it, and sell tickets to attend

Find events and buy tickets

Discover unique and memorable events near you and purchase, download and print tickets, all from home!

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How biciq works

For event organizers

  • Create an account
  • Fill in key event details in the simple event creation page
  • Share your event page via email, Facebook, Twitter, or your own site
  • View ticket sales and event attendees in real time
  • Print a guest list for the event or use our smartphone application to authenticate printed tickets at the door
  • Receive your earnings!

For attendees

  • Purchase your ticket through using your credit card or bank account with PayU
  • Print your ticket or download it to your smartphone
  • Go to the event


  • Free for event organizers

    Creating an event is always free and easy - you can do it in less than 5 minutes!
  • Create a unique page for your event

    With biciq, you’ll create a professional looking site on our server with a unique link to share or publish in your marketing
  • Create special offers and discounts

    Biciq makes it easy to create discount codes to share with your VIP guests
  • Smartphone integration

    Attendees can download tickets to any type of smartphone and organizers can authenticate tickets at the door using biciq’s iPhone/Android app
  • Assistance when you need it

    We always respond to support requests in less than 24 hours, and usually within one hour.
  • Credit card and cash purchases

    With PayU, we accept purchases from all types of credit cards and cash payments through Baloto and efecty

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