FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • How much does it cost?

    Organizing an event using biciq is always free. Printing or downloading tickets for free events is also always free. For paid events, we ask attendees to pay a small fee to cover the cost of the online payments. This amount is 5% of the ticket price plus COP $2.000 per ticket. We also offer the option for an event organizer to cover the biciq fees (on the ticket details page) if they would prefer that their attendees not be charged beyond the published ticket price.

  • Can I sell physical tickets using biciq.com?

    No. At this time, biciq only allows for the sale of electronic tickets that attendees can either print out or download to their smartphones. However, these tickets are even more secure than physical tickets because as an organizer you have the ability to scan each unique QR code at the door to the event with an iPhone or Android phone.

  • Can I offer discounts to specific attendees?

    Yes. During the process of creating your event, you’ll be given the option to create discount codes that can then be shared with your VIP guests.

  • Can I buy tickets for more than one person?

    Yes. You can buy all the tickets in your name or enter each attendee’s name while making only one purchase. However, if you choose to not enter each attendee’s name individually, you will need to ensure that you all arrive at the event together.

  • Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

    Yes. It’s incredibly easy to do so. Just sign into your account on biciq.com and go to the my events tab. From there you’ll just need to enter the name and email of the person you want to transfer the ticket to.

  • What happens if the event is cancelled?

    If the event does not happen for one reason or another, we will return the cost of the ticket to your credit card. If the event was never cancelled officially, but still didn’t happen, please let us know on our support page (biciq.com/soporte).

  • As an organizer, when and how will I receive my earnings?

    We will transfer the receipts from your ticket sales to your bank account two business days after the event’s completion. In the process of creating your event, you will need to upload an account certification from your bank so that we can be sure we’re transferring the money to the right person.

  • If I don’t have an iPhone or Android to authenticate tickets, can I still use biciq to organize my event?

    Yes! You always have the option to print a guest list that you can use to verify attendees at the door.

  • I just bought a ticket. How will I receive it?

    You should receive your tickets as a pdf attachment via email shortly after purchasing them. You can print them out or download them to your Blackberry, iPhone or any other smartphone. You can also always find them and print them from the ‘my events’ page on biciq.com.

  • As an event organizer, how do I publicize my event?

    During the process of creating your event, you’ll have the option to publish it in our list of public events to be found by the thousands of people browsing our site every day. Additionally, it’s very easy to share the link to your event page via email, Facebook, Twitter or your own website.

  • Can I restrict entry to my event?

    Yes. You always have the option of not publishing your event in our public database and you can also create an additional password to give to your invitees, ensuring that only they will be able to purchase tickets for your event. In the case of events not suitable for minors, you will be given the chance to indicate this restriction during the event creation process, alerting potential attendees.

  • What if I have a question not answered on this page?

    Contact us! By email (soporte@biciq.com) or on our contact page (biciq.com/contact)